Music by Linda Hirschhorn
These 21 selections unite the inspired musical sensitivity of composers Linda Hirschhorn and Fran Avni with words excerpted from MARCIA FALK'S THE BOOK OF BLESSINGS: NEW JEWISH PRAYERS FOR DAILY LIFE, THE SABBATH, AND THE NEW MOON FESTIVAL. Linda and Fran perform together beautifully in what is perhaps their finest work. New blessings for Sabbath and Rosh Hodesh candlelighting, wine, before and after meals, morning and evening, Havdalah, peace, the New Week and New Month, and many others of interest are included.
You will enjoy this beautiful recording - listen to these selections online now! Blessing After The Meal (Birkat Hamazon), Blessing of Peace (Birkat Shalom), and L'khu, Rey'ot V'reyim: Greeting the Sabbath Bride.
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BEHOLD! - a cappella
Breathtakingly beautiful melodies and harmonies on this shimmering world class a cappella recording by Linda Hirschhorn and the women of VOCOLOT, render Linda's original and traditional songs with an expansive passion that will inspire and captivate mind, heart and soul. Features contemporary and ancient texts from the SONG OF SONGS (Hare At/Hasmi'ini), the prophet Isaiah (Lo Yisa Goy), Walt Whitman (Camarada), and Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb (Blessed Is The Flame).
We invite you to listen to these beautiful selections now! Lo Yisa Goy, If You Can Walk, and Rosh Hodesh.
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ROOTS & WINGS- a cappella
Linda Hirschhorn's
creative and meaningful lyrics are exquisitely performed by Linda and VOCOLOT, a women's a cappella group. Beautiful harmonies merge with biblical, liturgical and ancient Jewish texts, as well as with contemporary social commentary. The 16 songs include: Roots & Wings, Homeless Blues, If Not Now, Kahrev Yom, Marbeh, Blessing For Children, Circle Chant, Mizmor Shir ... and More!
Now online for your listening pleasure! Homeless Blues, Marbeh, and Play On.
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GATHER ROUND: Songs Of Celebration & Renewal
A collection of Linda's rounds and songs composed and sung from her heart, celebrating renewal, Jewish values of peace and justice, and the experiences of our foremothers and forefathers from the perspective of our time. English and Hebrew songs include: Ilu Finu, Ki Hem Chayenu, Blessing After The Meal, Women Gathering Round, Ruth and Naomi, Yom Shabbaton ... and More!
We invite you to listen to these songs now online! Ruth and Naomi, Women Gathering Round, and The Berry Song.
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More Hebrew canons, rounds and musical settings for 31 selections composed or arranged by Linda, most of which are recorded on GATHER ROUND or ROOTS & WINGS and have been performed by the women of VOCOLOT. Melody line, Hebrew texts, transliterations and translations included in this 47 page songbook published by Tara Publications.
songbook only, $17.95 each
New Hebrew canons, rounds and musical settings to accompany 22 songs from Linda's first three recordings, GATHER ROUND, SKIES ABLAZE, and MORE THAN LUCK AND A PRAYER. Melody line, guitar chords, Hebrew texts, translations and transliterations included. Published by Tara Publications.
songbook only, $12.95 each